Knowledge Management Trends: Challenges and Opportunities for Educational Institutions

Knowledge Management and Higher Education
January 1st, 2006
Publication Author: 
Petrides, L. A., & Nguyen, L.
Resource Type: 
Journal Publications

While the pressure of public accountability has placed increasing pressure on higher education institutions to provide information regarding critical outcomes, this chapter describes how knowledge management (KM) can be used by educational institutions to gain a more comprehensive, integrative, and reflexive understanding of the impact of information on their organizations. The practice of KM, initially derived from theory and practice in the business sector, has typically been used to address isolated data and information transfer, rather than actual systemwide change. However, higher education institutions should not simply appropriate KM strategies and practices as they have appeared in the business sector. Instead, higher education institutions should use KM to focus on longterm, organization-wide strategies.

Petrides, L. A., & Nguyen, L. (2006). “Knowledge Management Trends: Challenges and Opportunities for Educational Institutions.” In Amy Metcalf (Ed.), Knowledge Management and Higher Education: A Critical Analysis, (pp. 21-34). Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing.

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