Seeking, managing and disseminating knowledge in education philanthropy: Information audit of grantmakers

Educause Center for Applied Research, ECAR
September 28th, 2003
Publication Author: 
Lisa Petrides, Ph.D.
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Grantmakers for Education (GFE) sought to conduct an information audit for the purpose of developing a better understanding of its members’ information needs prior to the design and implementation of a knowledge management system. Specifically, GFE's objectives for the study were to:

  • Identify what information people most desired in their work;
  • Refine the various outcomes and objectives for such a system;
  • Assess the potential need for a system and the extent to which GFE's members would use it;
  • Determine how these needs might differ by segments; and
  • Identify existing or emerging communities of practice that could be used to
  • build support for and use of the system.

This required an examination of the existing patterns of information flow throughout GFE’s member communities as well as gaining a better understanding of the specific cultural issues that foundations face as they seek to collect, analyze, and disseminate information. The overall aim of this report is to assist GFE in developing a fuller understanding of its members’ information needs and their patterns of information use as it considers options for establishing a knowledge management system for education grantmakers. 

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