Decentralizing Data Through Decision- Support Systems: The Impact of Increased Access to Data on Decision Making

The Journal of Applied Research in the Community College
January 1st, 2008
Publication Author: 
Lisa A. Petrides, Sara I. McClelland
Resource Type: 
Journal Publications

This study examines the impact of a new Decision-Support System (DSS) on decision making in a community college in California. It looks at how attitudes and behaviors about data and their use were impacted by the implementation of a new DSS. The study found that the decentralization of data, through the DSS, produced a shift in terms of an increased desire to use data as well as an increase in the actual use of data that could be used to address and guide decision making. Additionally, while the ways in which decisions were approached revealed a more proactive use of data for decision making, the study also revealed legacy organizational patterns, structures, and norms that need to be addressed in order for the institution to more effectively build and support an emerging culture of inquiry over time.

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