OER Case Study Publication No. 2, Curriki: Facilitating Use and User Engagement Around Open Educational Resources

ISKME Case Study Report
September 1st, 2008
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The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education
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 Curriki is a wiki-based website that enables users to create, remix, and share open educational resources. This case study seeks to understand the behaviors of Curriki users, and to identify ways to facilitate and support sustained user engagement. Through interviews with the Curriki management team, analysis of internal documents, observations of internal user data collection practices, and a survey and interviews with Curriki users, the Curriki case study explores use patterns and user perceptions of the site, its resources and tools. The study found that many users visit Curriki to develop new ideas for lessons, but that most do not create, remix or share content through the Curriki site. The study identified a need to support users that might lack the knowledge or supports to create and remix content. Furthermore, the study describes how understanding the social and institutional context of OER use can inform the design of OER communities.

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