Petrides, L., & Nodine, T.
September 01, 2006
The analysis and use of data to develop and share knowledge are continuous learning practices that can help teachers and school  administrators to shape reforms that fit the needs of their schools.  Key elements of continuous learning practices are outlined, and...
 Petrides, L., & Nodine, T. (Sept. 2006). “Crunching the Numbers,” American School Board Journal, 42-45. 
T.H.E. Journal, in partnership with the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education(ISKME)
May 01, 2006
 Indicators & Outcomes Connecting the dots: how to use data to get fromdistrictwide goal-setting to school-level performance. SPURRED BY FEDERAL and state mandates for improved performance, school districts across the country have become adept at establishing...
 THE Journal
Petrides, L. A.
April 01, 2006
Are you using the right tests? The correct assessmentmethods? The best technology? These are only a few of theissues that must be addressed in the effort to use data tochange teacher practice. SCHOOLS ACROSS THE COUNTRY are collecting and disseminating student achievement...
Petrides, L. A. (April 2006). “Using Data to Improve Instruction,” ISKME Special Series, Part 3, T.H.E. Journal, 33-37. 
Lisa A. Petrides
March 01, 2006
New technologies have made data gathering easier than ever. Educators now must confront one big question: How can the data be used to improve student achievement?   IN A TIME OF WIDENING achievement gaps, accountability mandates, decreased budgets, and high turnover of...
Nodine, T.
February 01, 2006
 Nodine, T. (2006). The Governors Speak — 2006 A Report on the State-of-the-State Addressesof the Nation’s and U.S. Territories’ Governors. The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices View Original
Joseph C. Panettieri
February 01, 2006
Savvy school administrators are using data to improve instruction districtwide. Christmas came early for the School District of Philadelphia (PA). In early December, the district announced that, for the fourth consecutive year, students showed measurable improvement on...
Lisa Petrides, Thad Nodine
October 01, 2005
The conventional wisdom is that students who are underprepared for college are least likely to access and benefit from online courses. Yet online course oppor- tunities in developmental education are increasing every year. Although there is a need for national research...
Community College Journal, October/November 2005
Petrides, L., & Nodine, T.
September 01, 2005
Higher education institutions in general are facing an increasing number of challenges that are forcing them to reexamine how they are accountable to external demands as well as how to improve internal accountability. Due to rising public accountability pressures and...
Petrides, L., & Nodine, T. (Spring 2005). “Accountability and Information Practices in the California Community Colleges: Toward Effective Use of Information in Decision-Making,” iJournal Insight into Student Services, 10
Lisa Petrides and Thad Nodine with Lilly Nguyen, Anastasia Karaglani, Robin Gluck
April 01, 2005
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Petrides, Lisa A.
November 26, 2004
Colleges must ensure that data are readily available and useful.  Democratization of data can transform colleges through information sharing and questions that it prompts.  College leaders can encourage colleagues to make helpful suggestions for change by making...
Petrides, Lisa A. (Nov 26 2004). "Democratize the Data on Campuses" Chronicle of Higher Education. B19-B20