Michelle Brennan


Michelle Brennan

Job Title: 
OER Information Services Manager

Michelle supports development of ISKME's OER Services by facilitating collaboration between ISKME's educational strategy, technical, and design teams.  She specializes in connecting OER resources with third party systems and services, and works to grow ISKME's capacity for interoperability and data management. She plays an active role in both research and implementation.  Michelle received her Masters in Information Science from the University of Michigan School of Information, where she specialized in community development and digital literacy.  In addition, Michelle brings 3 years experience in non-profit development and community outreach. She is passionate about the role of open knowledge tools in education because improving opportunities for participation in collaborative spaces is an important part of empowering individuals and communities.


What are the biggest opportunities for change in education?: 

Open and collaborative knowledge sharing tools have the opportunity to bring an innovative maker centric mentality into both formal and informal learning spaces.

What does collaboration mean to you?: 

Collaboration is the process of teaching, learning, and synthesizing simultaneously as part of a group.