Melinda N. Boland

Melinda N. Boland

Job Title: 
Director, OER Services

Melinda Boland brings over 20 years of experience in the educational technology and publishing space to ISKME and OER Commons. At ISKME, Melinda manages a team of project managers, information management professionals, and designers who together produce all of ISKME's OER products and services. In addition to managing the implementation team, Melinda works with organizations and 3rd party distributors of content to further ISKME's mission through OER products and services. Prior to joining ISKME in 2014, Melinda spent the bulk of her career working on educational technology to support college textbooks and general education courses. 

What are the biggest opportunities for change in education?: 

I believe the opportunity is two-fold. We need to empowering teachers in the development of learning resources they can share and adapt collaboratively with other educators and we need to listen to the students and create learning pathways that help them to achieve their educational goals. The teachers are closest to those students and it is with the teacher where we can begin to effect change.

What does collaboration mean to you?: 

Collaboration is a way for people to share ideas without fear and to listen to one another to create a stronger whole.