Andy Mink


Andy Mink

Job Title: 
Training and Development Specialist

Andy Mink supports ISKME in the design and implementation of education programs, workshops, and professional development and training activities.  Fundamental to this work is the support of teacher leadership and curriculum design through OER assets and digital technology.After ten years as a classroom teacher, Andy worked in leadership positions at the Virginia Center for Digital History at University of Virginia and as Executive Director of LEARN NC at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Project interests focus on the integration of scholarship, innovative technology, and interactive approaches to teaching and learning. In 2002, Andy was named the National Experiential Educator of the Year by the National Society of Experiential Education.  He is currently registered as a Master Teacher with the Organization of American Historians in their Distinguished Speaker Program.  He also serves on the Executive Board of the North Carolina Council for Social Studies and the North Carolina Outward Bound School, and Board of Trustees for National Council for History Education. All of his projects, near or far, are influenced by the lessons he learned and experiences he shared as an eighth grade teacher.

What are the biggest opportunities for change in education?: 

Teachers are superheros.

Teachers have an expertise and experience-based perspective that is critical in the development of partnerships and resources.  When given authentic opportunities to work collegially and in partnership, teachers can author and create innovative new approaches to education.   An elevation of teachers as agents of change will result in the most relevant and long-lasting shifts in education on all levels.

What does collaboration mean to you?: 

Collaboration is intellectual chatter . . . a push and pull of ideas . . . a mutual engagement and ownership . . . a fine-tuning process leveraging shared experiences and differing perspectives . . . a blurring of assumptions and roles to create something innovative. Inquiry requires collaboration.