OER Services

From roadmaps to training to tools, we'll help you get the right OER to your students.

Through our OER professional learning programs, we train educators and learners to discover, create, and share open educational resources.  Our OER support team builds professional learning networks for teachers and administrators to create, review, and share OER. As curators or best-in-class OER, we also provide subscription services for OER. 

OER Platform and Tool Development

Your Commons

We build you your own OER Commons, complete with your own authoring tools, groups, and quality review system.

Your Community

Build your own network hub on OER Commons with our customizable content management suite. 

To discuss our platform and tool development service offerings, please contact info@oercommons.org

OER Subscription Services

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate OER Commons with your Learning Management System

Expert Content Curation

Jump start your OER program with content curated by our trusted Digital Librarians

OER Collection Publishing 

As a content intermediary to over 350 OER providers, we've learned a great deal about how content providers classify and categorize OER using metadata. Metadata is the data that describes a resource. In the case of open educational resources, this includes descriptors like title, author, material type, and material license.  

Metadata standards provide a template for OER providers to share their resources with other providers. At ISKME we've created tools that enable OER Commons to receive feeds of OER in Dublin Core (DC), IEEE's Learning Object Metadata (LOM), and RSS.  We provide targets to other providers to harvest our content in these formats. 

To share your collection please contact info@oercommons.org

Learning Registry Integration Services 

ISKME is a founding partner and key advisor on the Learning Registry, a project sponsored by the US Departments of Education and Defense.  Learn more about the project partners here.

About the Learning Registry:

"The Learning Registry makes federal learning resources easier to find, easier to access and easier to integrate into learning environments wherever they are stored -- around the country and the world. This will enable teachers, students, parents, schools, governments, corporations and non-profits to build and access better, more interconnected and personalized learning solutions needed for a 21st-century education."

We provide consultation and infrastructure services to educational content providers and stakeholders interesting in making their educational resources available to a broad audience of content consumers and repositories.