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Open Educational Resources: The Education Ecosystem Comes to Life
Open Source dot com,   January 29, 2010

I was asked to explain why the introduction of open educational resources into the education ecosystem might in fact be one of the most important things that has happened to education in the last 100 years. I guess in centuries before we might have said that it was the Socratic Method, or the advent of public schooling, or teaching to the agrarian...
Reaching Students Through STEM and the Arts
National Science Teachers Association,   January 7, 2010

Teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are discovering that by adding an “A”—the arts—to STEM, learning will pick up STEAM. “Students remember science learning situations that contain multi-sensory, hands-on activities or experiments,” which the arts can bring to science lessons,...
Get Ivy League smarts - free - Top universities are now posting lectures online
CNN Money,   October 29, 2009

(Money Magazine) -- Last autumn I took time off to go back to school. The timing turned out to be just right: My American economic history course at the University of California at Berkeley got to the Great Depression in early October, around the time everyone became convinced we were about to have another one.
Coastside child care: Needs met for some, parents get proactive
Coastsider,   September 27, 2009

Shortfalls in meeting child care needs for San Mateo County Coastside families is a growing community concern. The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) recently completed a study to assess parental satisfaction with Coastside child care, including existing challenges and future suggestions for change.
Lisa Petrides: You Say You Want a Virtual Revolution?
The Huffington Post,   September 16, 2009

In a provocative commentary published in Sunday’s Washington Post, frequent Huffington Post blogger Zephyr Teachout predicts that “a virtual revolution is brewing for colleges.” What digital technology has done to the newspaper business, it will soon do to higher education, she argues.
Lisa Petrides: Digital Textbooks, Real Gains for Education
Huffington Post,   June 15, 2009

Governor Schwarzenegger has a plan to make California the first state in the nation to provide its schools with free digital textbooks. The initiative would start this fall with online materials for high school math and science classes. The Governor explained his thinking in an op-ed in the San Jose Mercury:
Maker Faire 09: ISKME Teaches Kids to Design Sustainability Solutions
Treehugger,   May 31, 2009

The very first thing that caught my eye at Maker Faire was a wall of plants, hooked up to solar panels and a wind turbine, that pumped water into a fish pond. I had to stop and ask, and turns out, it's a project that hopes to spark the imaginations of middle and high school kids for creating a world of sustainable food production. Click through to...
Education Vault: OER Commons: Open Educational Resources
Education Vault,   April 27, 2009

OER Commons: Open Educational Resources Since my own EduResources Portal closed in July 2007, I've been looking for other useful portal entry points to recommend to students and instructors who are searching for educational resources. I highly recommend the OER Commons as a valuable first stop. The Commons is extremely broad in scope, but so well...
Education Week Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook: Teachers Get Resourceful With 'Open Content'
Education Week,   March 15, 2009

Leaving their textbooks to gather dust, Houston middle school teacher Ardath A. Stewart and her students studied science last spring by assembling much of their curriculum on a class "wiki," an open-source community Web site. The materials included students' written postings on class topics, as well as projects, grading rubrics, and...
Teachers Get Resourceful With 'Open Content'
Education Week,   March 15, 2009

Subtitled "Content-sharing across the Web is becoming a valuable classroom tool for educators," Andrew Trotter's article at quotes Lisa Petrides and references ISKME's OER Commons project: "We can now really build and harness the knowledge base that already exists [among teachers]",said Lisa A. Petrides, the...
Open Educational Resources (OER) and Libraries
Information Today, Inc,   March 2, 2009

In my trends watch at the beginning of the year (, I mentioned that openness is increasingly a characteristic of many sectors and technologies—open access, open library, open source, open standards, open platforms, and more. Another open trend that is growing quickly is the...
Stanford Education
Stanford Educator,   March 1, 2008

Land of the Free and Electronic Will Open Education Transform Teaching and Scholarship?