Lisa Petrides, Ph.D.

Lisa Petrides, Ph.D.

Job Title: 
CEO & Founder
Lisa Petrides, Ph.D. is CEO and founder of ISKME  (Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education), a global leader in research and practice around data use, open education, and social learning in the education sector. ISKME, an independent, non-profit organization founded by Petrides in 2002, is well-known for its OER Commons initiative, as well as its award winning international research. Her research and writing are at the forefront of innovation in how education can be made relevant to learning through open access, social learning, information sharing, and knowledge collaboration. This includes over $14 million of grant-sponsored research and development including the award winning OER Commons initiative, an open teaching and learning network that facilitates the discovery and reuse of open educational resources, as well as an international "best of breed" event dedicated to catalyzing education innovation, the Big Ideas Fest.
A former professor at Columbia University, Teachers College, and a post-doc fellow at the Educational Testing Service, she gives keynotes, workshops, and counsel to open education advocates and aspirants, and to those who desire to foster the sharing and use of data, or the creation of knowledge-based ecologies focused on teaching and learning.
What are the biggest opportunities for change in education?: 

The biggest opportunties for change are in the unbundling of offerings in formal education, and replacing them with deeply personalized learning environments (think, personalized medicine)

What does collaboration mean to you?: 

Collaboration is working together to develop new ideas, actions, and outcomes, in which the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

What's your most memorable ISKME moment?: 

Most memorable ISKME moments are any of those times when concerted intention-setting results in rather immediate positive outcomes (which seems to happen quite frequently around here!)